An exciting collaboration between The Mayor’s Thames Festival, London schools and The House of Fairy Tales. Waterwheel takes you on a journey through the themes of water, kinetic artworks, storytelling, engineering and ecology. Working with a team of leading artists, educators and engineers, the project explores a diverse range of creative practice to encourage independent learning. The project will be inspiring and challenging, and will support schools in highlighting relevant curriculum activities.


Schools will receive Waterwheel Education Packs for half-day classroom projects created by educationalists with practising artists and designers
* A5 activity book for every child to keep
* A3 worksheets and teachers' support material

We are currently uploading completed worksheets to the Gallery page as fast as we can. Keep checking back to see whether yours is there yet. For now they are all anonymous, but eventually we will add your nicknames so that it is easy to find your own contribution.

33 schools (one for each London Borough) selected for a dynamic Waterwheel Workshop visit by The House of Fairy Tales creative teams.

Workshops will include bicycle turbines, storytelling, theatre, music-making, local history, model-making, science experiments and more.

* Seven concepts from Stage 2 workshops will be selected to form part of the showpiece Waterwheel Exhibit at the The Mayor's Thames Festival - a kinetic artwork powered by water
* Professional companies will work closely with the children/group designers to develop and build the final installation

All participating schools receive a VIP invitation to the House of Fairy Tales Travelling Art Circus at the The Mayor's Thames Festival in September, where all designs submitted to the project at Stages 1 and 2 will be displayed.